Feb 26 2013

Great balls of Matzo

They call it the Jewish penicillin, and its true! You will always feel better after eating a bowl of matzo balls in hot chicken soup

Feb 16 2013

Short Blacks and Gravlax

Toby Cutler of Salvage Specialty Coffee has been making gravlax (nordic cured salmon) for a while now. It all started when he wanted to cook his wife a special brunch…

Feb 5 2013

The Borscht is back in town

As a kid, Tanya didn’t care much for her Mum’s take on this classic beet soup but now she’s grown to love it. Tanya asked her Mum to share the recipe with her (and us)


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This blog will celebrate and share with you the many types of wonderful cuisine from every culture that has called Australia home. Please join me in this journey of exploring what everyone loves to cook at home.

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